All about our soaps

We are proudly Australian owned and all of our soap is handmade in Australia.

Soap making is a big deal around here. We use a traditional method, called cold process soap making . Our head soap maker is a Biologist with many years of experience with formulating and making cosmetics . This means our soap has been specially formulated to be gentle, creamy and nourishing to skin.

Our soap is made from scratch (never premade soap base). Each oil we add is carefully selected to give the soap a beautiful  finish, with no added preservatives or other nasties. Just pure natural soap with added skin loving ingredients for even more beautiful feeling skin.

Our goats milk soaps contain only fresh goats milk (never powdered). Each 1.2kg uncut  soap log contains over half a litre of fresh milk.

In our final stage of soap making, we add carefully sourced fragrances, to make our soaps smell absolutely incredible.

After moulding and cutting our soap, we let nature take its course. The soap is then cured for 4 weeks, producing a lovely hard long lasting bar.

After curing, each bar is packed in it's own beautiful hand dyed eco friendly muslin bag. Perfect for storage and gift giving.

We hope you enjoy using our soaps, as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. Flowerchild collective